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Stuck with few ideas on what to do for your final year project in Covid19 times? No opportunity to do labwork but always wondered if a meta-analysis could be a good idea? Check out our Intro guide & interactive course here to get you started: [Read More]


to the Zajitschek Lab!

Welcome to the Zajitschek Lab space! We invite you to have a look around, see what we’re currently working on, what we’re interested in, what we’ve published so far. There’s also some extra info about ourselves (Susi, Felix), both professionally & private, and current opportunities to work with us at LJMU. Finally, we also provide some (hopefully!) useful resources on a wide range of topice - from writing to R skills, to dealing with stress… Enjoy!

R resources

We have now some resources on R, R studio and markdown in our resources section, check it out!